Juicy standing release sequence video

Sharing with you a short standing release sequence for the spine, arms and neck. Inviting you to take all the pauses you need throughout the video, as well as all the time you want to explore in each exercise. I am moving a little fast in each little sequence, but the interesting thing is that you allow yourself to play and stay curious when traveling through them. You can do this short practice wherever at home and you’re welcome to put some music on. ⠀

I hope this video helps you to release any tension and / or bring awareness to parts of the whole you that are a little bit forgotten. I also invite you to have a booklet nearby in case you feel like writing any insight or feedback that your body gives you. This video is not intended to replace a live, personal encounter, but the intention is that you can connect with your body attentively. And always dive into the excercises respecting your own bounderies ♡ ♡

Any questions or comments are welcome! Much love, Lucy


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