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The Sacred Feminine Retreat

PAROS, GREECE June 29th/July 5th

Dear Woman,

Are you craving to take some space for yourself, embody the art of taking care of yourself from the inside out and connect to the sacredness of your own inner wisdom in the magic of Greece?

We're so thrilled to share with you such a special offering that we've been co-creating together.

Seven days to embody the art of taking care of yourself through different practices such as yoga, meditation, nature connection, movement & dance, deep rest and journaling among others.

It is an invitation to recall your inner wisdom in sisterhood, through learning and being inspired by each other, immersed in the breathtaking natural beauty of Paros, it's golden light and turquoise ocean.

In this path of nurturing and knowing yourself deeply, we feel it is of vital importance to listen to your body and the messages that holds. Mostly because you don't have a body; you are your body. So very gently and giving yourself tons of time, we will guide you to tap into your own body wisdom.



Nowadays in which productivity and goal achievement is overvalued, we want to highlight the importance of allowing yourself time for contemplation, silence, as a powerful doorway to listen to your inner teacher, intuition. Stepping aside from the constant 'doer role' and exploring the state of being. Because it is only when we are aware of something, that we might have the opportunity to change it.

It will be a journey to recall the urgency of dancing as a means to fully enjoy the whole you, celebrate with others and honor the power of life moving through you.

​The wisdom we share today is directly sourced from our authentic journey of learning throughout the years, how to cultivate our softness fully integrated with the fire and potency that is also inherent to us. As there is no recipe for the healing process, that is something that each one of us will have to discover. But we're here to walk beside you, bringing, facilitating you the tools that helped and help us through this path of being awake, authentic, real.


We are looking forward to meet you! More details are described below.

Co-created by women for women.


Much Love,

Lucia (Argentina) and Ana (Colombia)



~ The days are filled with free time to explore all that Paros has to offer. Group activities will be available. ~
• Solar Morning Practice 
• Delicious Breakfast
• Free time or join an organized activity with us
• Lunch – explore local restaurants or join us for a group meal at our favourite local spots
• Lunar Afternoon Practice 
• Free time
• Dinner - explore local restaurants or join us for a group meal at one of our favourite local spots


* All practices/activities are invitational, no need to participate nor previous experience necessary



• Seven days of Practices with two Senior Teachers
• Two daily embodied practices such as Meditation, Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Authentic movement, Dance,  Journaling, Ritual
• Daily delicious breakfast
• Oceanview hotel at – shared or private rooms available (possible upgrades).
• Shared transport for the week – 4 pax per manual car, (driver excluded)

• Three organised group activities - hangout out with locals, visit ruins, and much more!

• Farewell dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants
• Free time

• Airfares and transfers to Paros - Transfers can be organized by us
• Afternoon and evening meals, except for farewell dinner
• Other activities/treatments



Full Price

• 2200 AUD for shared room
• 2500 AUD for single room


15% off EARLY BIRD PRICE before February 29th!

• 1870 AUD for shared room

• 2125 AUD for single room


*Payment plans available! 


Would you like to savour a little hint of what we will be offering?
Check out our info session

Look forward to spending some time with you!


You're welcome to visit our websites!


If you have any questions, please CONTACT ME as we would love to hear from you!

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