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“The bodily self path as an immense territory to be explored, with its variety of textures and possibilities. Honoring it through the careful listening and felt sense”

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Yoga and Meditation Melbourne

Yoga & Meditation

Let's dive together into this ancient and sacred Technology.


Feldenkrais Method


Awareness through movement classes (Feldenkrais Method). Slowing down to find ease in your movement. More than having a body, you are Body.



Tarot Readings

Connecting with your inner wisdom and intuition through this powerful and archetypical language.


I believe that for each one of us the tool that allows us to access our potential as a human being is different. For some people it is through dance, asana practice, movement, some kind of physical training. Others through meditation, art, chanting, being in nature, and so many others. And it is here that I want to highlight that it is not only important what we practice,  but how we practice it and the intention, the why behind that practice. And for each being will be different, because the concept of being healthy varies from person to person. Since it depends on the personal and current moment, on their family history, on their possibilities, on the cultural and social background, on what they are aiming for...

But there is something that I can affirm and is that this body is the vessel through which we experience everything in our lives. That is why I find it vital to give us the space to listen to it (to your thoughts, emotions, sensations), in order to make any changes if you want. Because it's only when we are aware, that we can evoke change in our lives.


I wish us all a fully embodied journey!


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