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Lucia is a mindful mover, contemporary dancer and yoga practitioner of twenty years now. As an International Senior Yoga Teacher, she has been teaching embodied practices for more than ten years with more than 4000 classroom hours.

Certified internationally in Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Hatha and Acroyoga. In addition to that, for several years she practiced consistently the Ashtanga Mysore method. Deeply grateful to her teachers around the world that had inspired her in so many ways... Julia Napier in Ashtanga and Vinyasa (USA), Edson Ramos in Vinyasa and Yin (Brasil), Ann Moxey in Anusara (Mexico), Jason Nemer (USA) and Juan Restrepo (Colombia) in Acroyoga and Thai Massage, Krishan Verma and Swami Paramtej in Hatha Yoga (India).

Her curiosity and eagerness to continue to explore her bodyful experience, took her into the bodywork universe through Thai Massage in the Nuad Thai School in Argentina, being able to learn and work with the art of touch and its immense healing properties. She also dive into Pranic and crystal healing, practicing the sutil art of integrating and feeling into our energetic layers. She also practiced Qigong for a while with Bharú from Aknanda Healing Arts, noticing the powerful effects in the body and mind when working with the Chi practices.

Her solid background in Contemporary dance, movement and contact improvisation gave her the chance to explore and approach the body from a more somatic and intuitive perspective. She studied in Arte XXI, Contemporary Dance School and with several well-known teachersfrom the argentinian dance scene, such as Marta Steinhbahl, Romina Mancini, Sofia Mazza, Rosaura Garcia, Loreley Pontovsky and Lucrecia Badia. 

Her work has been deeply influenced by her studies with Roxana Galand and her "Naturaleza de la Fuerza' investigation and research. Rediscovering and redefining movement, dance, alignment and breath from the inside out. Some of the special and dear teachers whom she had the chance to practice with, are: Mercedes Claudeville, Mariana de los Rios, Alejo Wilkinson, Soledad Gutierrez, Mariana Montepagano, Yanina Rodolico, Ignacio Garcia, Gabriel Greca, Valeria Martinez and Laura Burak.

Lucia had the opportunity to learn the Art of Vinyasa from the adorable and wise Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and Ty Landrum from Boulder, Colorado in their visits to Argentina. She also practiced with the global activist and teacher Siva Rea completing her Prana Vinyasa Immersion. 

After more than 15 years of studying, of doing research and practicing, Lucia can assure that apart from learning with special and such generous teachers along her path, she believes that there are three fundamental teachers: her students~practitioners and the time spent together in the shala room, her own established and intimate home practice and her inner guide.

She believes that a deep understanding of our body, through a bodyfulness experience is a gift that we all deserve as beings. Allowing us to embody the present moment and therefore live to our fullest potential, being able to inspire and be inspired by others in this interwoven connection of life that we are part of.

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