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Yoga Flow and meditation

Let´s practice together!

Vinyasa flow

Public classes

Let's connect in the weekly public classes that I share in beautiful studios around Melbourne.


1:1 Yoga sessions

Offering you the possibility to adjust the practice to your group or your own special needs. 



Guiding and walking beside you. Setting the framework and the goals you want to achieve within a specific timeline. 


Weekly Schedule In Studio



~ 9:30 am Slow Flow ~ Eve Studio (Preston)


~12:30 pm Vinyasa Flow ~ Gertrude Street Yoga Studio (Collingwood)

~ 6:15 pm Vınyasa ~ Eve Studio (Brunswick)

~ 7:30 pm Yin Yoga ~ Eve Studio (Brunswick)


~ 6 pm Vinyasa ~ Gertrude Street Yoga Studio (Collingwood)


~ 5:30 pm Slow Flow ~ Gertrude Street Yoga Studio (Collingwood)

~ 7 pm pm Yon Yoga ~ Gertrude Street Yoga Studio (Collingwood)


~ 9:30 am ~ Slow Flow ~ Eve Studio (Preston)

private classes

Rest & Restore ~ Yin Flow & Meditation

This is a very slow practice (physically speaking) that occurs mainly seated and laying down, in which you move through very gentle movements, unwinding by tuning into your living architecture. With the support of pillows, cushions, blankets, we take just a few shapes and hold them for a while, giving you time to perceive if any adjustments need to be made, while you continue to listen to your tissue's voice.

A powerful practice to restore and reset your nervous system, to actively rest, to clear your mind and to soften your heart.

Private Yoga sessions

Holding space for you and guiding you through the container of the practice. Offering a diversity of sessions within the wide spectrum of the Yoga field. Please find below:

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