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Me... in my own words 

A great friend of mine told me once that I was born an artist. And I feel that somehow we all are. Co-creators of our lives, discovering the plot of who we are. Artists in every corner, wherever life happens and whatever our occupation is. Being able to inspire and share ourselves with the universe, just as we are inspired by other beings from that essential, authentic, human space. Since is not only in the encounter with oneself that alchemy happens but also in the encounter with others. And in this co-creation, your bodily self is all that you have from birth until the last breathe you take ... so how are you going to inhabit it?


From a very young age I've been passionate, curious about the body, and its infinite ability to move. I've been always quite intellectual, and the only way I found to be able to channel tons of mental energy without suffocating me, was through physical activity. There was something magical about moving and connecting with my physical body that I didn't understand so consciously at the time. But then I understood... we don't have a body, but we ARE body.


My journey into the dance~movement began at the age of six studying jazz and ballet. And as I grew older into the adolescence phase, I became more interested in contemporary dance and acrobatics, disciplines that I alternated with tennis and swimming. And at the age of sixteen, existential questions such as 'what is this Universe'? 'What are we here for?' 'Why are we here?' were peeking strong. And thanks to those synchronicities in life, a book by Swami Prabhupada came to me and I devoured it in one summer. It was the first time that I heard about Yoga, and it really touched some core fibers within me. So I continued to deepen my readings about it, but it was not until three years later from that first approach to the subject, that I took my first yoga asana practice. 

That same year a big health issue unleashed in me, and in the background spoke of deep anguish and lack of meaning among other issues. It was then, that my journey in the psychotherapy world began. The sessions helped... but without my dance~movement practice, there was something that was still missing. I finished school and studied Fine Arts for two years, but my eagerness to know myself and continue inquiring about this mysterious mind and the emotions field led me to study four years of Psychology in college. I was amazed by all the research and learning intellectually, but every year that passed, I wondered and asked my teachers, "And the body, when will the wisdom of the body be included in a therapeutic treatment?"


One year before finishing college, I decided to pause my studies and travel to India for two months. There I had the experience of living in an Ashram, doing my first silence retreat for a week, practicing Seva and traveling around, visiting the temples and getting to know a tiny bit of their huge culture and profound tradition.

That same year, after returning to Argentina, I did my first Hatha Yoga Teacher training and right after finishing it, I started teaching full time and managing a Yoga Studio with a wonderful community.

​As I started to feel more confident in the role of teaching, I begun to share Workshops and Retreats in Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay. And ended up sharing a yearly Yoga Teacher training from a somatic approach.

So gradually as I integrated more intuitive movement into the asana practice, as well as my strong background in Contemporary dance, Bodywork (Thai massage) and Somatics (Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, Eutony, Authentic Movement and Laban among others), what I call "Movement Flow" begun to unfold, under the umbrella of Living Body.

I ended up opening my Yoga Studio 'Surya Espacio' in 2010. It was a stage of much growth and joy, as I shared and worked with a team of people who taught me a lot about myself as a leader and that which without them the evolution of Surya would have been impossible. I thank you infinitely!  


After almost nine years of owning the Yoga School back in Argentina, building a supportive and nourishing community, life invited me into one of the most challenging journeys that I went through... moving abroad. All of my life I have been fully immersed in my passion~work, and just when I was at the peak of my career, I had to decide whether to move to Australia and start a life together with my beloved or stay in Argentina and continue to fuel my work. Love impulse was stronger... so I moved to Melbourne, Australia!

At the beginning, settling was challenging, to let go and to start all over again in a complete new environment. But after some time, being gentle with myself and honouring the process of things, I started to open to the new horizon in front of me, embracing the new possibilities that emerged.


At the moment I'm sharing Yoga public classes around different studios in Melbourne, as well as offering a six week Living Body course, and taking bookings for one on one sessions. 


If you resonate with what I share, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to send me an email with your enquires and/or subscribe to my newsletter and receive every month a new practice for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want. 

If you want to know a little bit more about my training and experience, please click here.

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