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WEEKLY CLASSES Feldenkrais Method


Feldenkrais is a somatic movement based method in which you learn how to move with much more ease and comfort. Whether this is walking, sitting, practicing your favourite sport, dancing or even recovering from an injury.

Relearn how to organise your skeleton in an efficient way so that you flow together with gravity, allowing your muscles to use the least amount of effort they need for every action that you do. It is an opportunity to revisit your habitual movement and thinking patterns and replace them if necessary with ones that support a more intelligent organisation and better use of self.

Learn how to move from the inside out, attending to how the movement travels through your bones and tissues, rather than how it looks externally.


Usually we begin lying down on the floor with a body scan, helping us to ground ourselves and tap into sensation. For the first sixty minutes I will be guiding you through a sequence of movement that responds to the focus of the class, whether this is the pelvis, the spine, the breath, the eyes. And as you explore the different movements that I offer, the invitation is to stay curious as you move gently and slow, treating your body kindly. This will prevent your muscles from bracing themselves and you will begin to experience a deep sense of lightness, spaciousness and connection throughout the whole of you, learning about the different body parts and how they relate to each other.

The last fifteen minutes of the class will be an invitation to allow your body to express itself in its own way through dance movement. Although I will still be guiding you, there will be no specific sequence, but an opportunity to keep listening to your felt sense, to your body's knowing as you follow the music. This way of moving, of dancing, reconnects us with the joy of being alive, it enhances our intuition, creativity and playfulness and gives us a sense of agency over our own body, improving our self confidence.


Everybody is welcome! You don't need any experience in movement nor dancing. Just bring your curiosity and your interest in knowing and enjoying yourself through conscious movement.


WHEN? Classes coming back soon!


Casual Class $28

~ Concession $22 (students, yoga teachers, dancers, movers, movement teachers in general, and anyone holding a concession card)

~ Low waged $16 (if you're experiencing financial hardship)

Recalling the medicine of movement through different movement sequences using the floor as the main source of sensory feedback, allowing sensation and breath to guide you. Tracking the journey of the attention and deliberately choose where and what to attend to, while holding yourself kindly and lovingly throughout the process. An invitation to explore with curiosity your habitual patterns so that you have more freedom of choice and expand the boundaries of what is possible. As you begin to find more space within and a sense of groundedness, of safety in your physical self, there's more clarity in your mind and lightness, aliveness in your spirit.

Because of the way we live our lives, always in a rush and in a hiperproductive, goal oriented mode, we keep holding and bracing ourselves and this impacts our nervous system creating imbalances at many levels. 

So by attending to ourselves tenderly, moving through the inside out at a very subtle level, giving ourselves time to track sensation and to feel ourselves, so that our skeleton, musculature and fascia can organise in a more efficient way, allowing ourselves to move through life with much more ease, pleasure, authenticity and pain free.  

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