'The Church says: the body is a sin. Science says: the body is a machine. Advertising says: the body is a business. Your body says: I am a Celebration'
Eduardo Galeano
Living Body
​It is an embodied movement-based system that borns out of my own curiosity and self-inquiry through this vast and mysterious body~wholeness that we are. Diverse elements are integrated such as authentic movement, contemporary dance, yoga, somatic practices, breathwork, and meditation among others. It is an alive system that continues to evolve and unfold as I am myself a fully alive process. 

SIX WEEK COURSE 'Moving from within'

During this six week journey we will be exploring a different somatic floor based sequence inspired by the developmental movement patterns.

Diverse elements such as contemporary dance, authentic movement, improvisation, breathwork and meditation will be weaved within each gathering.

This Journey it is an invitation to:

~Listen to your body's voice and intelligence with an open heart, patience and honesty
~Explore an organic alignment from an embodied and living anatomy, rather than from a hierarchical and theoretical anatomic perspective
~Recall and retune with your inner guidance
~Tap into the pleasure of being your body
~Find more harmonic pathways to move in your everyday life, as well as bringing this embodied knowledge to any physical practice that you usually practice
~Journal as a way of documenting your insights, experiences during the whole course.

BONUS: Together with the course, you will get a recording of each of the six sequences, so that you can continue to practice them whenever you want/need.


Many of us, because of different past life experiences that couldn't find a way to be expressed or be integrated, end up in rigidity or chronic pain, loosing vitality, ease, naturalness, spontaneity and authenticity in the way we move. So as we recall and find more harmonic ways of moving, the impact is seen directly in the way we feel, we think, we perceive, in the way we are in the world and connect with the environment.

We will be attending to how gravity travels through us, sensing our relationship with the earth, the space around and the other people in the room. Through each sequence we will give ourselves time to amplify our listening allowing new patterns and ways of moving to unfold.

All of the exercises are invitational and you can always give yourself the pauses you need!

Everyone is welcome! You don't need any specific experience in movement, dance or meditation.

This work it is inspired by Lucia's main mentors~guides, Roxana Galand founder of 'La fuerza de la Naturaleza en el cuerpo y en la danza' and Kaila June, founder of 'Somakinese School'. It is based as well in more than twenty years of experience in the field of movement, being herself her first laboratory. 


New dates coming soon!



~ More than having a body, you ARE body ~