Yoga Dance Flow
​It is an embodied movement based practice that borns out of my own curiosity and self inquiry through this vast and misterious body~wholeness that we are. Diverse elements are integrated such as free movement, contemporary dance, yoga, somatic practices, breathwork and meditation among others. It is an alive system that continues to evolve and unfold as I myself am a fully alive process. 

I share this work through Workshops, Masterclasses and regular classes. It is also part of the 300 hr. Teacher Training that I offer within the whole 500 hr Training.


Regular classes:

We work monthly with a specific focus and topic so as to give us the chance to explore it deeply. 

Usually we start with a gentle landing and awakening of our bodies through a guided groundwork sequence, which evolves into a more intuitive and free movement momentum. On the third part of the class we dedicate some time to study more in detail the topic of the class through different exercises. 

It is more like a laboratory in which we allow the movement to inform us from within, more than looking for an specific shape or alignment from the outside. Among other things, we observe our connection with the ground, the space in which we're moving, the breath, the inner landscape sensations, the people with which we're sharing the space. 

You don't need a mat, but you're welcome to use it. Sometimes we do a little bit of partner work.

It can be described also as a dance moving meditation practice in which music plays an important role, allowing ourselves to explore our physical-energetic-mind bodies in different ways without judgment. We finish with a relaxation and a sharing circle if there's time.

All of the exercises are invitational.



Every Thursday 8 am at Gertrude Street Yoga Studio

Stay in touch! ~ 0433 635 309

Melbourne, Australia

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