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'The Church says: the body is a sin. Science says: the body is a machine. Advertising says: the body is a business. Your body says: I am a Celebration'
Eduardo Galeano
Living Body

​It is an embodied movement-based system that borns out of my own curiosity and self-inquiry through this vast and mysterious body~wholeness that we are. Diverse elements are integrated such as authentic movement, contemporary dance, somatic practices, breath work  energetic recalibration, among others. It is an alive system that continues to evolve and unfold as I am myself a fully alive process. 


MOVEMENT FLOW 'The three cavities' (Online practice)

~ Somatic Groundwork ~ Organic alignment ~ Dance exploration 



In this class the focus will be on the three main cavities in the body: the skull, the rib basket, the pelvis, and their corresponding diaphragms. Exploring the interrelation between them as well as each cavity independently. 

Moving through simple sequences that will explore our relationship with the ground, the space, with gravity. It is an invitation to feel into your sensations through your sense felt.
Allowing yourself to feel strong from the inside out, noticing the different flow of forces that travel through you, sensing and being informed by the tensegric organisation of the living architecture that you are.

The practice includes journaling.

Everybody is welcome! You don't need any experience in movement nor dancing. 
Just bring your curiosity to move in different ways, as well as your body’s call to move intuitively, to unwind, to play, recalling the sensual being that you are through bodyful movement.


WHEN? Thursday August 26th 6:00 pm (90 min. practice)

VALUE: $15 aud

(If you're experiencing financial hardship and you would like to participate, please let me know)